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Radboud Oomens
was born in Breda, Netherlands. He finished his studies in 1977 with Prof.Herman Krebbers at the Sweelinck Conservatory Amsterdam with the „Prix d‘Excellence“.

From 1971 to 1976 he won the „Donemusprize“ and the „Prize of the city of Amsterdam“ in the Oscar Back Competition and the 1st prize in the Iordens Competition.



1997, with daughter Laura and Herman Krebbers
Already at the age of 19 he was concertmaster of the Gelders Orchestra in Arnhem and known as soloist on radio and television. His wish of more chamber music brought him to Heilbronn, Germany, where he was concertmaster of the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra. This was followed by concert tours throughout the entire world and the fulfillment of his life dream: the founding of the Trio Kairos in Hamburg, an ensemble that conqeurred the haerts of its audiance very fast and made several CD-recordings.


2008 Since 2003 he mainly plays recitals with pianist Irina Kolesnikova. Radboud Oomens is 1st violin in the Symphony Orchestra of the Northern German radio and plays on a Nicola Amati violin, built in the year 1650.



Irina Kolesnikova – piano
Was born in Minsk, White-Russia. She finished her studies at the conservatory of Leningrad in 1996 as piano-teacher, concertpianist and chambermusician. Before she moved to Germany she was a teacher at the conservatory of Minsk as well as accompanist at the special school for highly talented. Ze worked in the "Collegium musicum" and in the Minsk-orchestra and gave concerts all over Europe. Irina Kolesnikova produced several CD's and tv-recordings. Since 1999 she lives in Hamburg with her family and works as a teacher at the Hamburg Musik Akademy as well as at the Hamburger Conservatory. She has a great reputation as a pianopartner of several instrumental ans vocal soloists.